Color the time
with your loved and precious ones

Fusion of JAPAN MADE watches and the highest grade of preserved rose "AMOROSA"

Quality assured watch with elegant design, plus premium rose with beautiful glows sparkles of diamond.

It is a special gift to color your precious time and etch in your memory.

  • Only use the roses from our exclusive farm in Andes mountain range in Ecuador, South America. Under nourishment from the ice and snow and equatorial sunshine in Ecuador Andes, roses will be able to grow in the best quality.

  • Premium reserved rose “AMOROSA” with finest sparkles of rare and wearing genuine natural diamond and glitter powder together.

Color the space

The preserved rose keeps its beauty and glitter like the important memories keep in your mind without fading.

Color your feelings

6 models of watch and 6 colors of rose bring you various feelings.

To your family, lover and important ones.

Thankful feelings.
Deliver the message of your feelings.
Treat for yourself

Make a different than usual.